Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems
Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems

Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems
Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems

Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems
Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems

Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems
Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems


wall systems & pre-fabrication


    Why Pre-Fabrication? The benefits of pre-fabrication are numerous. First and foremost precision and accuracy of the final product is maximized. This is due to the fact that all of our wall systems, much like a truss system package, are manufactured by professionals in an offsite location. All the required components to install both exterior and interior walls are then transported to the site for assembly, drastically reducing the time of overall construction.
























































   Wall Systems are technical structural members to the home infrastructure. It requires knowledge and experience to appropriately construct and connect wall systems. there are also many different tools and components used to build them correctly. When ordering our wall system package all of the traditional equipment and knowledge that is traditionally required on site are eliminated.

   For our wall systems, we require the customer to provide the desired floor plan provided by the architect or engineer of record. If you don’t have one, we are more than happy (and capable) to provide one! Starting from initial 3d design development we would love to see the project through to completion.

   We input your future home’s floor plan into the Mitek Sapphire software to help generate a wall system plan as well as elevation details for your approval. Once the plans have been approved the wall systems will be scheduled for manufacturing according to the preferred specifications. We can also build the walls with most siding styles, windows and doors installed with trim.

   Are you a builder? Our wall systems come with an easily identifiable wall plan and connection schedule similar to your floor plan. All walls will be labeled at all connection points, inside, outside, top and bottom to easily distinguish the connecting walls and appropriate order of installation.   

Traditional Framing

  • Material Take Offs

  • Repeated Set-up and Breakdown Time

  • Highly Skilled Labor

  • Specialized Equipment

  • Weather and Theft Risks

Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems

  • NO Material Take Offs

  • Minimal Set-up and Break Down

  • Minimal Knowledge Required

  • No Saws Needed

  • Reduced Weather and Theft Risk

cost benefit

For Builders, by builders; the ultimate diy!

Non-Union Labor Cost Savings             Approximately 25%
Union Labor Cost Savings                      Approximately 65%
Time Savings                                           Approximately 90%

Pre-Fabricated Wall Systems require a significant reduction in the required tools and equipment for this phase of construction and with that the risk of theft. It reduces the amount of time required for installation and with that labor expenses and qualified personnel. Allows the builder/developer more time to focus on the upcoming phases.

The wall systems will be scheduled for delivery to the desired location the evening prior to or morning of the requested delivery date. They will be pre-wrapped and labeled for easy installation. A fork lift will be provided with an operator to deliver items to the desired site.